This fall activated pendant is worn around the neck with no additional connections, so you can travel freely. It is GPS activated (where towers are available) and requires a daily charge like your cell phone.

  • Our most advanced system for fall detection and personal safety both in or outside your home.
  • Equipped with cellular detection that allows for two-way communication with monitoring centre
  • Excellent all-around solution if you find yourself in a medical or security compromised solution.
  • GPS and Location Based (wifi) services with fall detection.
  • Water-resistant up to 1 meter (can be worn in shower however wearing in bath should be avoided)

IDEAL FOR: Seniors or anyone that is fall-prone but wants to maintain an active lifestyle and often leaves the home. It is also an ideal solution for anyone that doesn’t have a telephone landline.

ADDED SAFETY FEATURE: Device can be used for personal safety too – if you are lost, or in a dangerous situation, simply press the button to initiate a call to the monitoring centre and they can dispatch assistance to your location.