How The LifeCare System Works:

Chinook LifeCare provides numerous benefits for:

The personal emergency response unit is installed in a client’s home by the local Chinook LifeCare staff. The unit is connected to the telephone jack and an electrical outlet. The client wears an emergency call button (referred to as a pendant) around the neck or on a wristband. The client gives LifeCare a list of three responders who are willing to go to the home if help is needed. These responders are given access to the home (key, code), and are usually able to get to the client’s home within about 10 minutes.

  • People of any age living alone
  • Senior, infirm or disabled people
  • Individuals who have been discharged from hospital and require additional support and assistance at home

If help is required, the client pushes the button, which activates the unit and sends an alarm through the phone line to the call centre. When the HELP NEEDED alarm comes through, the operator picks up a quick answer phone and communicates with the client through the speaker on the unit. If the client is able to communicate or close enough to converse, the operator can communicate with her/him to find out what the problem is.

If the client states help is needed, or if there is no communication, a responder is contacted and sent by the operator. If no responder is available, or if the client indicates an ambulance is needed, the operator contacts emergency services (911) to dispatch an ambulance to the home.


As an emergency responder you are an important part of the LifeCare network. Now people can live independently in their own homes because LifeCare provides 24-hour monitoring and emergency assistance in your community should it be needed. You are helping to make this service possible.

If a signal for help is received at the LifeCare Emergency Response Centre, our Response Centre personnel will determine whether your assistance may be needed by calling the LifeCare subscriber. If no one answers, the Response Centre personnel will then begin calling a list of responders numbered one to three.

As a responder, you are a volunteer and should have been asked by the subscriber to perform the following:

  • to have a method of entry into the home if called to assist
  • to enter the home and assess the nature of the emergency
  • to take necessary action to help the person, e.g. call the doctor, call the ambulance

If calling 911 yourself, pick up the phone and listen for a dial tone. If a dial tone is present, dial the number. If the dial tone is not present, hang up and try again.

We would suggest that you meet the subscriber and become familiar with the LifeCare program and equipment. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the LifeCare program, please call the Chinook LifeCare Office at the number listed in the contact section below.

Reaching out to support those who need a helping hand is a trait we all admire. Thank you for caring.

For responders cell phones: enter the number 1-866-561-6433 into your cell phone contact list and label its as ‘Mom/Dad needs Help’ or ‘Mom’s/Dad’s emergency’ or something like that. When the monitoring company calls them, it would show up on their call display.

It is recommended that they add this contact number to their cell phone ….then test it by pressing the TeleCare help button…. And when the operator from the monitoring centre comes on, say you are just testing and would they mind calling them back on their cell phone so they can ensure that their call display works.