Capsule of Life

Imagine this:

You are living alone and fall on the doorstep hitting your head. A neighbour calls 911 for you, but knows nothing about you medical history. You are taking several pills to control your blood pressure and heart condition, and your daughter lives in another city. You are unable to explain any of this to the paramedics who arrive to assist you. One of the paramedics notices a Capsule of Life identification magnet on your fridge.

She opens it an obtains the name of your physician, the location of your family, a list of medications, and your wishes regarding treatment. You are transferred to the ambulance with your information, and when you arrive at the hospital, the medical staff contacts the people on your list.

The Capsule of Life is a way to make your medical information available to medical personnel when an emergency occurs in your home. The capsule looks like an empty pill bottle and it has a form to write important up to date medical information.

How it works: Write the medical information requested on the form. Try to fill in all the spaces so emergency medical personnel have all the information they need to give you the best care in a timely fashion. Fold the form in a way that it fits into the capsule and secure the lid. Place the capsule in an obvious place in your refrigerator and secure the enclosed magnet in the front of your refrigerator. This alerts emergency personnel that you have a “Capsule of Life” in the event that you are unconscious or cannot speak.

Why We Use the Refrigerator: We use the refrigerator because everyone has one in their home. The way, emergency personnel only have to check in one place for medical information. This saves time in an emergency situation.

Benefits for You: If the information is kept updated, emergency personnel will not have to transport your medications, health card, or insurance cards to the hospital. These items are at risk of becoming lost should they be removed from your home. The Capsule of Life is a quick way to make your medical information available to emergency personnel when an emergency occurs in your home.

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