Base Emergency Response Unit

How the LifeCare System Works

The personal emergency response unity is installed in a client’s home by LifeCare staff. The unity is connected to the telephone jack and an electrical outlet. The client wears an emergency call button (referred to as a pendant) around the neck or on a wristband. The client gives LifeCare a list of three responders who are willing to go to the home if help is needed. These responders are given access to the home (key, code), and are usually able to get to the client’s home within about 10 minutes. If the client is in a lodge or assisted living setting, the personnel of the centre are the only responder, because they are staffed 24 hours per day.

If help is required, the client pushes the button, which activates the unit and sends an alarm through the phone line to the call centre. When the HELP NEEDED alarm comes through, the operator picks up a quick answer phone and communicates with the client through the speaker on the unit. If the client is able to communicate or close enough to converse, the operator can communicate with her/him to find out what the problem is.

If the client states help is needed, or if there is no communication, a responder is contacted and sent by the operator. If no responder is available, or if the client indicates an ambulance is needed, the operator contacts emergency services (911) to dispatch an ambulance to the home.

We set an appointment to come to the residence to install the unit and gather information at that time. We maintain the unit, which includes replacing the back-up battery if required or any other problems that may arise. Lease agreement with only 30-days notices as we go month to month. We are associated with The Good Samaritan and Telecare.

The fee for the service is $50.00 to install and $35.00 per month for the monitoring. We also have a ‘fall pendant’, which detects falls and sends an alarm even if the client is unable to push the pendant. Cost is $50.00 per month for monitoring.

The operator has the following information (gathered during installation) available on screen to give to the 911 dispatcher:

  • name
  • address
  • phone number
  • age
  • gender of client
  • medical conditions
  • lockbox information
  • unit location
  • responder information